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What Can You Do Right Now to Finish the Year Strong

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November 29, 2023

The year is coming to a close and your teams likely have a good idea of where you’ll finish in regard to your 2023 goals and KPIs. Whatever the projected result is, your teams have plenty of room to finish the year strong. It might seem like a great time to slow down and let the year fizzle out, but much of your 2024 success will actually depend on how you close out 2023. While most others are slipping into holiday autopilot, we suggest using the final weeks of 2023 to propel your properties into 2024!

Budget might be thin and you might think there’s not much you can do. However, this is the time for marketers to get creative. Here are 4 things you can do in December to position your organization for success in 2024:

Leverage Social Media

As budgets are tight, organic social media is an opportunity for multifamily marketers to get ahead of the curve going into 2024. Instead of using social media to highlight available units, consider using it to create value for residents and prospective residents.  

Because social media is a top-of-funnel marketing approach, most of your social media marketing should be about giving resources to both current renters and prospective renters instead of simply posting promotional content.

But what does “giving resources” mean in social media? This could look like:

  • Sharing renter-friendly, apartment decorating tips
  • Promoting neighborhood events during the holiday season
  • Providing DIY Renter Hacks
  • Posting a Pet of the Month
  • Making people laugh or smile with entertaining or funny posts relevant to renters
  • Featuring the best apartment / indoor plants

Ultimately, making 80% of your posts about giving to renters in some way will increase the likelihood of keeping future renters engaged until they are ready to lease with you. Now is the time to start exercising your organic social media “muscle!”

Optimize Your Websites

Your website is likely in a good spot, but even the best websites can still be better. This time of year provides a great opportunity to enhance and optimize your website. Think along the lines of improving the user experience and increasing visibility. Here are some places to start:

  • Take the time to review messaging and copywriting and look for opportunities to refresh.  
  • Review your website’s loading speed with Google’s free PageSpeed Insights tool. Take note of where some pages are taking longer than 2 seconds to load so you can review this with your web developer.
  • Review your GA4 analytics, make sure events are tracking properly on various pages and evaluate where your analytics could use more in-depth measurables or insights. This merely tells you what is catching the eye of your website visitors.
  • Where it’s relevant, replace outdated video and images on your website with newer imagery.
  • Evaluate if it makes sense to add more to your website that will attract the attention of prospective renters (I.e. social media widgets highlighting recent posts, positive reviews, etc.)

Overall, reviewing your current websites will help jumpstart your digital renter journey in the new year. Should you do this and as 2024 traffic starts to roll in, your website will be ready from the get-go.

Explore Low to No Cost Marketing Strategies for 2024

The new year will be more competitive than ever… but it’s important to remember that you can still be at the top of the food chain. While remaining budget-conscious, branching out and getting creative with marketing efforts will maximize your reach of prospective renters. Take a look at what you’ve done in the past year and see if there are new strategies you can add alongside your current efforts. Take it a step further and see if any competitors or other market leaders have done something unique or different in their marketing approaches.

Can you plan low-cost community events or partner with local businesses? Are you able to create a new referral program? Are there opportunities to gather testimonials or reviews from happy residents that you can use in your promotions? Are there local food trucks who can commit to setting up at your community?

All in all, just because it’s the end of the year doesn’t mean you should take a break from marketing. Instead, year-end offers a great chance to finish strong and build momentum for 2024. In fact, it is more likely to serve you in the long run as competing with neighboring properties will prove itself to be one of the top challenges throughout the new year. A little goes a long way, so encourage your teams to prepare as best as they can so they can better focus on the 2024 obstacles as they come.

Interested in how you can elevate and centralize your website in 2024? Let’s chat.

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