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What are the Top 1% of Leasing Agents Doing?

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November 13, 2023

Leasing agents have one of the most important jobs within multifamily. In simple terms, their job is to fill vacant apartments. The tasks that fall under that job are a bit more complicated than that. Leasing agents are a part of the ultimate juggling act, handling multiple leads, communications, tours, and applications all at once.

The most successful leasing agents know how to do all of this well and with maximum efficiency. So what exactly separates the top 1% from the rest?

Curating Interpersonal Skills

Seeing as leasing agents work with a wide variety of residents and staff, having strong relationship skills makes it that much easier for them to do their jobs well. This can look like being a great listener, having empathy, and staying extra communicative. You’ll typically see the best leasing agents dressing for success, going the extra mile by sending “thank you” emails, and overall creating pleasant relationships with everyone they work with. For potential new renters, working with leasing agents like this puts them at ease, knowing they care about their wants and needs in a place they will potentially call home.

Embracing Technology

As we previously said, leasing agents perform the ultimate juggling act. They know better than anyone how the latest technology can elevate their efficiency across the property, automating tasks and keeping them organized so they can meet their KPIs. While decisions on technology usually come from the top down, leasing agents that are up-to-date on the latest technology and already understand how to use it have a definite advantage over other agents. Even if they don’t know about the latest technology, the top leasing agents embrace change because they know it’ll make everyone’s lives easier once they get past any learning curves.

Being Independent and Proactive

The best leasing agents are like top salesmen and women. They might hear lots of “nos” but that doesn’t dissuade them from actively pursuing a “yes.” Their follow up with applicants is persistent and proactive, helping prospective residents feel sure about their decisions along the way. They manage their own calendar and stay organized, making sure no lead falls through the cracks.

Even when working with slow-moving prospects, the top leasing agents persist and continue to be proactive in follow-up and checking in. They are prepared to answer questions, talk through logistics, and stay by a prospect’s side until they’ve reached a decision.  


No property comes without problems or issues. The difference for top-performing leasing agents is they are active problem solvers, never shying away from a challenge or hesitation. Because of their stellar interpersonal skills, they know the most important element to relationships is caring about the other person’s point-of-view. For prospects and even other staff, this can make a huge difference in the inevitable problems that arise, knowing their leasing agents are working with them and not against them.

Staying in the Know

The best leasing agents are hungry to learn and evolve. Their ability to do so is usually supported by their involvement in local, state, and national apartment associations. As multifamily knows, these associations are put in place to support the industry and its employees. A top leasing agent sees the resources and doesn’t hesitate to utilize them. Outside of that, leasing agents are also on top of their training and certifications. For them, it’s not a “have to do” but something they see as an opportunity to be better for their own success and the overall success of the property.

All in all, the best and top-performing leasing agents know that just a bit more effort in their day-to-day goes a long way. It can be the difference between great success or lots of stress. When leasing agents are investing a little bit more in all areas, the effects are not only noticeable, they are profitable.

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