Anyone Home Unveils Leasing Assistant, the Industry’s Most Eloquent AI Chatbot

Anyone Home
April 23, 2024

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., April 23, 2024 – Anyone Home® by Inhabit, the industry’s first prospect-centric customer engagement and leasing intelligence platform, today announced the latest advancements in their Chatbot with Live Chat which integrates cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence (AI). Anyone Home’s release of Leasing Assistant, the AI-enabled Chatbot, will provide an unparalleled leasing experience for mid-market and enterprise property management organizations.  

The announcement of Leasing Assistant marks the first component within Inhabit's new AI platform, the industry’s only platform designed to blend human experience and empathy with the efficiency and scale of AI. Inhabit’s platform is focused on innovation across the residential and vacation technology sectors from the industry leader. The new AI-enabled Leasing Assistant marks the first public release on the platform.

Key features include:

  • 24/7 availability – blending the best of AI-powered scale with round the clock human representatives ensuring no lead is left behind and even the most complex cases are handled
  • No wait response times to begin a chat session - driving lead capture and boosting conversion of website leads
  • Enhanced renter experience – driving consistent and smoother conversations integrating property-specific information to personalize interactions
  • Supporting centralization efforts – enabling teams to focus on the highest value activities
  • Putting data in the fingertips of the prospective renter – accelerating the leasing process

As AI-enabled Leasing Assistant leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP), prospective renters can engage more fluidly – asking questions and receiving answers that are more tailored to their interests and needs while still retaining the ability to seamlessly engage with a human leasing agent in real time via chat or phone if the need arises. This live human assistance option, touring options, real-time pricing, and availability are hallmarks of Anyone Home’s comprehensive leasing platform, including a CRM, Contact Center, and Website solution.

In addition to the time savings and higher quality, more informed leads that properties gain from Anyone Home’s AI-enabled chatbot, they also benefit from the enhanced visibility into prospective renters’ needs and preferences. This allows them to adapt their leasing process, leasing playbook, and even their community offerings and amenities to better meet the needs of their target renters.

“We’re excited to provide our customers with an AI-Enabled Leasing Assistant that can help them maximize the opportunity that every website visitor presents,” said Derek Lefler, CEO of Anyone Home. “To maximize lead velocity and conversion, it’s important to allow prospective renters to engage on their own terms, whether it’s high human contact, no human contact at all, or anywhere between. With the chatbot offering both human assistance and AI capabilities, they can enjoy intuitive and personalized interactions, with the added convenience of being able to reach a human representative 24/7, which is a market differentiator for our solution. For the past eleven years, we’ve seamlessly integrated automation and human interaction into our products. I’m thrilled for the next chapter as we build upon that using AI to drive more high-quality leads into their leasing funnel.”

To experience the future of leasing with Anyone Home’s Leasing Assistant and how it is changing the way you source renters online, visit us within the ResidentIQ area at TAA One April 24-26 at booth #307 in San Antonio or booth #6 at AIM 2024 which takes place May 5-8 at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa. For those not attending the conference, sign up for a demo here or register to attend the May 30 webinar here.

If you’re interested in leasing smarter with Anyone Home, BOOK A DEMO to learn more. 

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Keep up with the latest content releases on our socials:
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