Anyone Home Showcases Innovative Leasing Technology at NAA's Apartmentalize Conference June 19 – 21 in Philadelphia

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June 18, 2024

Philadelphia, PA, June 18, 2024 -- Anyone Home® by Inhabit, the industry’s first prospect-centric customer engagement and leasing intelligence platform, today announced their participation in the National Apartment Association’s (NAA) Apartmentalize conference, held in Philadelphia, PA, from June 19-21, 2024. Attendees are invited to visit the Anyone Home team at Booth #535 to explore the latest innovations in leasing technology.

In conjunction with this event, Anyone Home is thrilled to showcase the latest advancements in their Leasing Assistant, an AI-enabled Chatbot with Live Chat, designed to revolutionize the leasing experience for mid-market and enterprise property management organizations. Leasing Assistant was debuted at the AIM Conference in May 2024.

"We are incredibly proud to showcase Leasing Assistant at the Apartmentalize conference," said Anyone Home’s CEO, Derek Lefler. "This innovation signifies a major leap forward in how property management organizations can enhance their leasing processes and deliver exceptional experiences to their renters. By combining advanced AI with human touch, we're setting a new standard for the industry."

Leasing Assistant: Redefining the Leasing Experience

The Leasing Assistant, powered by cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence (AI), marks the first component within Inhabit's groundbreaking AI platform. This platform is the industry’s first to seamlessly blend human experience and empathy with the efficiency and scalability of AI, emphasizing Inhabit's commitment to innovation in the residential and vacation technology sectors.

Key features of the AI-enabled Leasing Assistant include:

  • 24/7 Availability: Leveraging AI-powered scale combined with round-the-clock human representatives, ensuring that no lead is left behind and even the most complex cases are effectively managed.
  • Immediate Response Times: Facilitating instant engagement, driving lead capture, and boosting conversion rates for website visitors.
  • Enhanced Renter Experience: Delivering personalized and consistent interactions by integrating property-specific information, leading to smoother and more engaging conversations.
  • Support for Centralization Efforts: Allowing property management teams to concentrate on high-value activities, optimizing operational efficiency.
  • Data Accessibility for Prospective Renters: Providing crucial information directly to renters, accelerating the leasing process and enhancing satisfaction.

Experience the Future of Leasing Technology at Booth #535

Attendees of the Apartmentalize tradeshow are encouraged to visit Anyone Home by Inhabit at Booth #535 to see firsthand how the Leasing Assistant and other advanced technologies within the Anyone Home platform can transform their property management leasing operations. The Anyone Home team will be available to provide live demonstrations, answer questions, and discuss how these innovations can turbocharge the leasing journey for property management companies.

Special Networking Event

To kick off the excitement at Apartmentalize, Anyone Home is co-hosting an exclusive Speakeasy Party on Tuesday, June 18th, from 7 PM to Midnight at Harp & Crown. Join us for the Inhabit Shared Customer Event, featuring collaborations with other Inhabit business units: ResMan, ePremium, and ResidentIQ. Don't miss this opportunity for an evening of fun and networking!

If you’re interested in leasing smarter with Anyone Home, BOOK A DEMO to learn more. 

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